Transferring a Domain Name to SKYHOSTING.ME

You can transfer a domain name to us at any time, whether it's while you're placing a hosting order or after your account is setup. All domain name transfers are handled through our site which also includes a list of common TLDs we support. If you have a specific TLD/domain and you don't see it listed there, please contact our billing department to see if we can assist in your transfer.
Before initiating a transfer from your old registrar, you'll want to make sure the following conditions are met:
  • There is no registrar lock/pending formalities on the domain(s) you're transferring
  • ID/whois protection is disabled, and your domain names administrative contact email is both current and accessible
  • You obtain the domain name(s) EPP/authorization code from the current registrar
  • The domain name is at least 60 days old and eligible for transfer
Once initiated, you domain names administrative contact will receive an email with an approval URL inside. Once the transfer is approved your old registrar will need to release the domain to us within 5 days. Should the transfer fail or be stalled for any reason, you'll receive an email notification from our support department within 24 hours of the failure with further information.
Please note that while a domain name transfer is in progress you will be unable to make any modifications (nameserver changes, contact details, etc) until the transfer completes.
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