How much can I get from this program?

How much would you be will depend on how much effort you put. For example, if you refer 21 sign-up Business Hosting Ultimate in one month, you will get:
21 x IDR 720 = IDR 15,120

The table below is a list of commissions which can be obtained from any package

Package Payment/Year Income
SKY250 IDR 100 IDR 15
SKY350 IDR 150 IDR 22,5
SKY450 IDR 200 IDR 30
SKY2000 IDR 400 IDR 60
Business Basic IDR 1,200 IDR 180
Business Standard IDR 2,400 IDR 360
Business Medium IDR 3,600 IDR 540
Business Ultimate IDR 4,800 IDR 720

Note: Amount in Thousand IDR ( Indonesian Rupiah )
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